Understanding the Course Refund Policy

Refund policy

Refund requests will be accepted from Learners (or the associated purchaser) if the request meets all of these conditions

Refund requests that meet the above conditions will be processed within 45 days of request received and acknowledged as meeting the above conditions by D2L.   D2L reserves the right to disable the learner’s access to the MOOC any time after a refund request is received.  If a refund request is denied due to either of the conditions above, the MOOC access will be reactivated for the remaining duration of that MOOC offering.

No refunds in cash.  Refunds will only be applied as a credit to the same electronic payment card used during the purchase process.  Value of refund will not exceed final amount paid by registrant less any discounts.  If Registrant does not use a US dollar payment card at time of purchase, registrant understands that they are personally responsible for any banking fees that may occur at time of purchase and at time of refund; and that a discrepancy between the total amount originally paid by the registrant and what is received as a refund after currency conversion could be different due to fluctuations in currency exchange.  D2L will not reimburse registrants for discrepancies in refunds that are solely based on banking fees and/or currency exchange rates.    

If sales of other third-party products and services are mentioned inside this MOOC, refunds related to those product and service providers will not be handled through D2L Open Courses.

Last modified: 2017-06-08