Elementary Spanish I Refresher Course


Course Description

Elementary Spanish I Refresher Course is an introduction to Spanish. Students in this course will learn Spanish phonemes and basic vocabulary including numbers, colors, and greetings. Students will be expected to master proper Spanish sentence constructions, articles and adjectives, subject-verb agreement, and regular and irregular verb conjugations, etc..

The subject experts who developed this course are aware that listening and speaking are the most difficult skills for a foreign language learner. In order to overcome this challenge and to fully develop students' language skills in the four key areas, they designed this unique course featured with daily lessons to keep students practicing the language every day, short dialogues with break-down audios for students to master the conversations, and small knowledge chuncks accompanied with sufficient exercises for reinforcement


  • Getting to Know People
  • Talking with Others, Asking Questions, and Telling Time
  • Let's Get to Know Each Other
  • Food, Ownership, and Preferences
  • Going Places, Leisure Activities, Requests, and Preferences
  • Talking about pastimes, weekend activities, and sports
  • What People are Doing Right Now and Describing Temporary/Permanent Conditions
  • Going on Vacation, Knowing Persons, Places, and Things, and Using Direct Objects


Course Details

Darren Broome, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish,
Gordon State College


  Video Lectures
  Interaction Opportunities
  Discussion Forums
  Cost per student: FREE


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 Start Date: March 2, 2021
 End Date: March 1, 2022
Duration: 40 hours (self-paced)
 Cost: FREE

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