Foundations of IP Strategy (Winter 2017)


This is an introductory and foundational course designed for innovative businesses and the professionals who support them (ex: technology transfer professionals, patent agents, lawyers, business consultants).

Course Description

This MOOC explores the basic principles relating to the protection and strategic uses of intellectual property for competitive advantage. Understanding and developing an IP strategy is an essential requirement for all businesses seeking to compete and scale up in an increasingly competitive domestic and global marketplace.

In this course you will:

  1. Be able to identify the major forms of IP and the subject-matter they cover
  2. Recognize the differences between national IP laws in transnational contexts
  3. Recognize the ways in which these various forms of IP either intersect or are mutually exclusive
  4. Understand the importance of an IP strategy for businesses especially in a global context
  5. Understand the importance of integrating an IP strategy as part of a business strategy
  6. Recognize the ways in which IP rights can be ‘layered’ for strategic advantage
  7. Understand and evaluate IP license agreements
  8. Understand and evaluate IP enforcement strategies
  9. Develop the skills of an IP strategist

Course Details

Guest Instructor:
Professor Myra Tawfik
EPICentre Professor of IP Commercialization and Strategy, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor and Senior Fellow CIGI. Professor Tawfik is an expert in intellectual property law.

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Start Date: January 30, 2017
End Date: July 30, 2017
Duration: 26 weeks
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