Learning Frameworks


This course is a part of D2L’s Master Class series: high-quality professional development focused on helping educators master the art and science of teaching. Each 30-60 minute class will cover a specific area of teaching and learning while engaging an expert in conversations about the how, what, and why. In this class, we will explore Learning Frameworks.

Course Description

As educators, learning frameworks are the foundation of everything we do, and effective use of learning frameworks can truly make a master teacher. But understanding when to use learning frameworks, and how to truly ensure they support your learners, can be a challenge. Join your hosts (Dr. Jeff Borden, Former VP of Academic Affairs at D2L, and Kassia Gandhi, Former Academic Affairs Director at D2L), as they unpack the power and importance of learning frameworks and share a model you can use to analyze how to best apply them in the classroom.

Course Outline

In this class, you will:

• Join Jeff and Kassia as they debate the pros and cons of learning frameworks.
• Explore critical questions that educators should use when analyzing frameworks and their impact on teaching.
• Create and share your own learning framework that will support your practice.


Course Details

Course Developed by:
Dr. Jeff Borden, Former VP of Academic Affairs D2L
Kassia Gandhi, Former Academic Affairs Director at D2L

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