Social Emotional Learning


This course is a part of D2L’s Master Class series: high-quality professional development focused on helping educators master the art and science of teaching. Each 30-60 minute class will cover a specific area of teaching and learning while engaging an expert in conversations about the how, what, and why. In this class, we will explore Social Emotional Learning.

Course Description

If you work in education, you may have heard the term Social Emotional Learning (SEL) used more frequently in recent conversation, as educators grapple with ways to support the sometimes-forgotten elements of learning: self-regulation, social and self-awareness, and collaborative skills. We know that Social Emotional Learning is critical for academic success but applying it practically in the classroom or lecture hall can be challenging.

In this class, David McGeary – former K-12 principal, SEL expert, and Solutions Engineer at D2L - will join your hosts Dr. Jeff Borden (Former VP of Academic Affairs, D2L) and Kassia Gandhi (Former Academic Affairs Director, D2L) to discuss all things Social Emotional Learning. David will provide some vital grounding, research and, most importantly, practical ideas for implementing SEL tactics in the classroom.

Course Outline

In this class, you will:

• Learn about the rich history of Social Emotional Learning and its origins in education
• Consider the benefits of SEL, as well as the challenges of implementation
• Practice and reflect on applying SEL strategies in your daily professional life

Course Details

Course Developed by:

Dr. Jeff Borden, Former VP of Academic Affairs D2L
Kassia Gandhi, Former Academic Affairs Director at D2L

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