Technology Learning Support Specialists: Elementary (K-8)


The Technology Learning Support Specialist (TLSS) is a new paraprofessional career field. This course focused on Elementary (K-8) grades is perfect if you:
• Are a teacher and want to use more technology with young students in and out of the classroom

• Want to improve your online skills for a new job in daycare or childhood education
• Use the internet, enjoy it and want to use it more

The course is ideal for those who want to help themselves, their students and their family members succeed in a technology driven world.

Course Description

Technology Learning Support Specialist (TLSS) modules can be completed in approximately 60 minutes each and can be accessed anytime. Modules can be completed from a smartphone for convenience or from a tablet or computer. A hallmark of the content is practical application of skills, reflection and authentic assessment activities. This allows parents, caregivers and teachers who have limited free time to use the skills immediately in their home, school and community. More and more schools and businesses rely on technology to deliver distance education and client services. And because more tech is now used by schools and businesses, adults have greater need to use that same technology wisely and with available resources in their home or community.

The modules deliver learning content, measure satisfaction and basic knowledge through user friendly surveys, and allow for the uploading of replies and assignments, just like a text message or social media chat. We strive to level the playing field and close historic opportunity gaps to learning.

TLSS modules and credentials are not limited to schools and traditional teachers. A main component of our Northern New Mexico consortium is to reach community members. A prime example of the target audience for TLSS Elementary (K-8) are teachers, parents and caregivers. Encouraging technology learning at this age is a great foundation for lifelong literacy.

After completing the course, the successful student will receive 5 badges (one per module) that stack into a certificate (stackable credential) that is recognized by New Mexico Highlands University and Northern New Mexico consortium members (community groups, colleges, school districts). The credential can be used for resume building, skills development and online learning opportunities.


Course Outline

Module 101 – The Digital Learning Landscape: Meeting Challenges and Finding Opportunities in Providing Effective Distance Education
Module 102 – Technology Resources that Support Effective Distance Education
Module 103 – Teaching and Learning Strategies that Support Effective Distance Education
Module 104 – Teaching with Technology for Elementary (K-8): Enhancing Curriculum for Online Learning
Module 105- Teaching with Technology for Elementary (K-8): Tools and Methods for Online Learner Success

Course Details

Course Developed by:
Northern New Mexico Consortium Partners and New Mexico Highlands University


  Real world applications of learning
  Interaction Opportunities
  100% Self-paced
Receive a badge in 60-90 minutes (full certificate in 5-7 hours)
Badges/certificate recognized in New Mexico for jobs and training
  Cost per student: FREE


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 Start Date: June 25, 2021
 End Date: August 31, 2021
 Duration: 5 hours (60 minutes per module). 100% self-directed, complete at your own pace
 Cost: FREE

Registration is open as of June 25, 2021.

2496 seats available.
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